Friday, November 11, 2016

Hannah is home!

Yesterday the mailman delivered Hannah! I'm beyond excited, since I have wanted an Iplehouse EID Jessica ever since she was originally released, so it's such a great feeling to actually own her.

I was lucky to find a Jessica with a face-up that could work for me, at least temporary, since I have so little money at the moment, that I wouldn't even be able to commission a new one.
The tattoos will be done soon, though, because I have agreed to do a trade with the artist Ravica. She was the one who did Trish's tattoo work as well, and I was very pleased with the outcome.

I know the face-up could be more Rockabilly alike, but as a beginning I don't think it's too bad. 

I tried to give people an idea of her dress. 

I have been wanting to learn how to take more interesting photos. I usually stick to portrait photos, because I find them the easiest, but I want to challenge myself. One day I want to be able to take photos of more than one doll, or maybe a photo with lots of props (which I don't have a lot of, so this is a dream for now haha).
This was actually a topic I just talked to Alejandra about today, and she gave me some advice <3
But maybe Hannha and the twins should be my first project for doing more interesting photos? :3


  1. Yay Hannah is home and she's gorgeous!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress, very in her style~ and once she has her tattoos it will look very nice indeed!! I think the face up is nice and you can work around it, totally!

    I think your twins can be a very interesting subject to start new challenges :D!

    1. Thank you sweetie :D I was so surprised to find a dress like this by chance, but I'm so happy I'm always keeping an eye on DoA and Etsy for Iplehouse sized clothes :D

      Yeah, since YoSDs are much easier to take photos of haha :D

  2. She is very pretty and I think the style is very good for her. The faceup is very nice and I think it can easily fit with the style :D

  3. Congrats on getting her, she looks awesome!!
    I can't wait to see her tattoos!
    For the photos, maybe you can search people's photos on google and use the poses as references?

    1. Thank you dearie :3
      I'm glad you like her!
      That's an exellent idea! I will look around :)

  4. Congrats! She looks so beautiful! And her dress would be something that I could wear, I love dots! Her face up suits her!
    I know the feeling - it so much easier to take photos close up. But I am glad that there are no rules when it comes to photographing your dolls. I started with a simple background when I took photos. Then I went over to the nature near our cottage and Musume's tip is a good one - google and get inspiration. :)

    1. Thank you sweetie :D
      I did think, that maybe I should buy some backdrops, when I have some money lying around :) I'm not that good at going out into the nature XD Haha. People stress me out.
      But yes! It was a great idea that Musume brought up. Will definitely look into it :D