Monday, November 14, 2016

To rename or not to rename?

I have been unsure about Nida (Iplehouse SID Eva) for a while. It's not that I don't wanna keep her, god forbid, I love the sculpt and where I'm going with her, but she definitely didn't end up as planned.

It began with her trip to Indonesia. I do in no way blame Ticuk! (this is important to stress)
I didn't give sufficient instructions, and thus Nida ended up looking a lot different from my original idea. Originally Nida was supposed to be a sweet and gentle kind of woman, but as you can see...

She doesn't look all that sweet and gentle. But it's alright. I decided to change her from scratch. I gave her a new background story, and now she more of a "takes no bullshit" kinda woman. She has a will of steel, she's confident and she's responsible.

But that leaves me with the question.. Should I rename her? I feel like "Nida" belongs to the old character idea.
I had considered another name "Layla", it means "Night" in Arabic.


  1. I love that she became a strong character, love that kind of women :D wish Iw as a bit more like that.
    My father wanted to name me Leila when I was born which is the same as Layla. I have Arabic blood so it would have been appropriate too.
    Love the name for her, but I like Nida too. I know that doesn't help but I hope you reach your own conclusions and can be happy with the end result. Best of luck!

    1. I like female characters in general :D I like making them strong in individual ways. Like Isabelle (Iplehouse Marien), she may seem weak because she's soft-spoken and timid, but she faces what she is afraid of again and again <3 I love that kind of female character a lot.
      Not to say I don't like traditional stronger characters. I think they're awesome too! I just really like female characters :D haha
      And you are strong! In your own unique way :3
      Aww, how nice! I love the name Layla/Leila! I knew a woman named this when I was a kid. But I also love your current name!
      I still think I need to considered it. But I'm glad to hear your opinion! :D

  2. Some times the dolls just doesn't seem to fit the characters, do they? I like that you can change her character and also make her stringer. It sounds great :D
    I like Layla, but I also like Nida. I hope you can come up with a conclusion by yourself :P

  3. I like the change, sometimes dolls create their own personality. I love the name Layla, honestly!

    1. Thank you :D I really love the name too :3 I hope I can settle on a name though.

  4. I agree with Musume, sometimes dolls just create their own personality. One has just to tag along :D I love the name Layla. It suits her well. And to me her eyes are sweet and kind looking. But as you say, her total face is more tough and rough, but in a good way. She knows what she wants!

    1. They really do. Sometimes it's not within our control :P
      Thank you for your opinion :D I do think I'm leaning more towards using "Layla" for her :3