Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A tiny idea

I have to be honest - I miss my old characters. They do still exist in the story I'm writing, but now that I'm writing on the story again, I miss having them as dolls.
It made me consider my current dolls a lot. Do I want to change them back to the old characters?
I did consider it yeah, but I decided it wouldn't work, as I have sold a lot of the shells for the old characters.
Then I considered buying my old characters as YoSDs. YoSDs are great, they're cute, makes good chibis, are cheap-ish, and I just really like the size.
But it meant I had to consider wether or not I wanted to keep my current SDs. As you might know, I'm stuck with them. But I have decided to let them stay for now, so I won't regret anything.

I'm still not even sure, I will go through with this YoSD plan, but for now I'm really excited of the thought of chibi versions of my characters.

Here's a list of the dolls I'm currently considering. I haven't found sculpts for every single character, some I'm still looking for, others I simply don't feel a need to own as dolls.

Fairyland Littlefee El in WS - Darin

Peak'sWoods FOF Chi Chi in WS on the boy body - Adam

Peak's Woods FOF Sassy Rosy in WS - Scarlet

Luts Honey Delf Cream in WS - Hunter

 Luts Honey Delf Cookie in RS brown - Tahir

Fairyland Littlefee Leah in NS - Gwen

Fairyland Littlefee Ante in Tan skin - Annabelle

Fairyland Littefee Rachel in Tan skin - Connor


  1. Awww this is such a cute idea!! And YoSDs are affordable too! Maybe you should look at Luts, Crobi, Raccoon and Dollits for more YoSDs! Hope you can go with this plan and find the other characters too!

  2. I think this is genius, but how can i not? I approve YoSDs all the way and in all cases XD
    So happy to see PW on the list, both dolls are super cute :D!

  3. Such cute tinies! I have been wondering about this too, because a tiny one (or maybe many) would be nice to have. But I do not know how to weave these characters with the ones I have. But I could always have an another story there, as I have for Noomi...!
    I hope that you can go with this plan and I think Annabelle + Scarlett are so cute!

  4. That is a nice idea :D I think YoSDs are really a nice size (but too small for me). I like this idea :D

  5. I loved having yos! I can't wait to get more! XD These are some lovely little ones!! :D