Monday, December 5, 2016

Five Facts

1. Trisha is my tallest girl character. Actually she is as tall as Chris.
2. She used to date a guy named Mason.
3. Trisha ran away from her parents home when she was 14, and ended up in the fostercare system.
4. She used to play the guitar in a punk band for some years. Punk was her first love, and even though she loves Niveous.
5. Trisha has had a history of being addicted to drugs.

1. Isabelle was born in Los Angeles, California, the US, but moved to London, UK before she turned 2
2. Her favourite animal is cats, but she's allergic to them.
3. She is afraid of heights and that has gotten her a nickname by Trisha "Little Chick"
4. She's bassist in a Gothic band called "Niveous".
5. Isabelle has a long history of depression and has attempted suicide as a teenager.

1. Layla has a 4 year old daughter named Noor.
2. She has a female cat, and Noor named it "Sven" inspired by the reindeer in Frozen.
3. Layla has a cousin called Nawal, whom she is very close friends with.
4. She used to work for a fashion house in Paris, but she couldn't agree with their use of animal fur and they were not environment friendly enough for Layla's liking.
5. She loves vintage/retro/old things and fashion.

1. Chris' mother Irene was an alcoholic, which made Chris' early years very unstable.
2. Chris has a close relationship with his brother David, even though they do get into fights.
3. When Chris was 14 years old, he knew he was not straight. He didn't knew for sure, that he was gay, but he knew he was different. Back then he had some smaller odd jobs, and he used the money he got to save up.
4. By the time Chris was 24, he had a good chunk of money, and he decided he wanted to open a LGBTQ+ night club.
5. Chris has only ever had short and insignificant relationships. It has been forever since he has dated last.

1. Hannah was born and spent the first 14 years of her life in Dallas, Texas, the US, before she moved with her mother to London, UK.
2. Hannah was in a long-term relationship with David, and gave birth to their twins, just after leaving him.
3. She ended up going down with a depression and stress symptoms. Her mother helped her getting back into shape.
4. She met Charlie at an event, where Hannah was the bartender and Charlie was the stylist. Charlie would come sit in the bar in all her breaks.
5. Now a days, Hannah is living with Charlie with the twins. David isn't allowed to see them at the moment, due to several issues.


  1. Love how you compressed everyone in a post with simple facts for all, thanks for sharing~

    1. Yeah :D I thought it would be a bit easier to read.

  2. Great post and it was lovely to read about your dolls and their stories. Simple and fast! :)

  3. Love this!! Now we cna have a good view of your characters with summarized facts. Did I told you how I much I love your characters? You always put so much effort in them, and it shows :D

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! :D <3

  4. This is a very nice way summarize your characters :D

  5. Once again, gorgeous dolls with interesting characters. Thank you for sharing them Nikki.