Monday, December 12, 2016

Nothing exciting this time

It's monday, and yesterday Maria left from a nice weekend spent together. 
We had plans for photos saturday, but it's was very cloudy and we couldn't, but we tried again sunday! At first Maria got some photos, when I was about to take some, the sun disappeared, haha, but after I followed her to the bus, the sun came back, so I managed to take this one:

Saturday we had a really nice dollie talk, and I think Maria got a lot of new ideas for her character Raven. 
Personally I'm a bit stuck with my doll characters, because I've been writing on a story I have called "Himlen Over Larika" or "The Sky Above Larika" if I were to translate it. 


  1. Love that photo!!
    Glad you had fun with Maria and I hope you get unstuck with your characters soon :D

  2. Love the photo, and it is nice that you both have fun together! I so dislike when the sun is constantly going and coming during a photoshoot T_T

    I hope you get to write more about your story, being stuck with the characters is no fun D:

  3. A wonderful photo of a cute little one! And the weather can really be an issue when trying to take photos. On gray days I try to take black-white....

    Characters can be tricky, hope you get some inspiration and find a way to get unstuck.

    Glad you had a great time with Maria!

  4. Awesome photo! :D
    The lighting is very good ^^

    Aww I miss you guys. Hope we get to hang out again next year :D
    It's great you live 'close' to each other. You seem to have so many awesome ideas together :)

  5. I love the photo, and I think it's wonderful to have doll friends! :D