Friday, December 2, 2016

Wishlist, December 2016

To do something a little different, I wanted to ramble a bit about my ever-changing wishlist.

This is a wishlist for the general future, I have clue when I can buy them, but I do like to plan! Haha.
I'm gonna list them randomly, because I don't know the order I want them in.

1. Migidoll Ell
I have half-hearted tried making David in other sculpts, but I just don't feel it would be right. He's been an Ell in my mind for so long. I prefer if I could order him with the original Migidoll body in NS with face-up, but we'll see.

2. Iplehouse nYID Grace
Cornelia, just like Isabelle, has to in light brown skin tone, and I want an Iplehouse face-up for her, but maybe it'll be a custom one, since I'm no matter what gonna have to order her through the CDS.

3. Volks Saki
I have had a horrible feeling that I need a Saki in my life. I have tried different ideas, but after I sold a lot of my characters, I realized I could bring Nessa home as a Saki! I would want her in NS on the SDGr girl body.

4. SWITCH Sohwa
This one is a very recent idea. I have loved a Sohwa for a long while, so I have considered different ideas for him. I'm not sure if I want the SWITCH body for him, but I still want him to be around 65-66cm. I would probably prefer him in NS.

5. Iplehouse EID Arvid
I avoided EID guys for the longest time. But when I decided that "yeah, I will probably still buy my guy characters", I thought I would upgrade some of the characters to older and taller versions. (This is the best thing about not having an actual story, but just making things up slowly as I go along).
But I thought Arvid could be my new version of Nasim. So in real skin and probably with an Iplehouse face-up.

6. Iplehouse EID Rex
I originally wanted to go a totally other direction with Kieran, but I wasn't feeling it. But I was looking at owner photos of EID guys, and I really like Rex a lot, so why not try and see, if he can be Kieran. So I would want him in NS and maybe with an Iplehouse face-up.


  1. Well, this is not a bad wish list :P All of the dolls are some that I want too: Arvid and Rex are my two favorite EID men, Sohwa is the doll from Switch I most want, Ell and Grace and Saki are some dolls that I just find very pretty in general and wouldn't mind owning. Probably I will not get them because I don't have them as planned characters (except Rex who is a planned character :P ), but if you buy them all I will be happy to see your pictures and play with your dolls :D

    1. It's interesting how similar our taste is sometimes :D You are actually the reason why I ended up liking Rex so much. I never considered him before, but now I absolutely love the sculpt!

    2. So true! I think it's really nice that we have so similar taste in dolls. You have opened my eyes for other companies and dolls that I didn't see a potential in before :D

  2. This is a very interesting wishlist, there's sculpts of so many different styles, I would love to see your plans come true!

    1. Thank you :3 Slowly I'm sure it'll come true!

  3. Wishlists! Just love them! I have one myself, on paper though, and I add on - change the order they are in - take away some...but the favourites are always there!
    Your list are a great one. Different dolls, but they are very cohesive. I would not mind to have a Sohwa and a Saki in my collection.
    I hope that you can make this wishlist come true one day!

    1. Yes! I love wishlists as well :D
      I hope you'll post a wishlist on your blog someday :)
      Haha, I love Saki so much! She's been on my "I need to find a fitting character someday"-list for a while :P

  4. This is a great wishlist, and OMG Rex!!! I love that sculpt, those lips!! I would love to see him on JID size, to be honest, not a pin headed FID!
    I hope you can get them all :D

    1. Yes! Rex is such a stunning man!
      Too sad the JID boys are very immature :(
      Thank you!

  5. Enjoyed looking at your wish list, but still haven't got round to even thinking about dolls for 2017. Maybe after Christmas when my head's not full of the Silly Season. :)

    1. Thank you :3
      I hope you will share it eventually!