Saturday, January 7, 2017

Dollie talk time

I just thought I would let you guys in on, what's going on in my mind regarding dolls.

By now, you probably already now, I'm back to Larika characters.

I was unsure if my Iplehouse EID Jessica could be a good Donna. Donna was very different before, but I liked the idea of a more mature sculpt, since Donna is, in fact, 31 years old.
So I decided to give it a shot and to me, it works perfectly.

Donna is the twin sister of Damian, whom I think I will buy a Dollits Rey for. Hunter is Donna's closest friend and he'll be a LLT Lazuli. Scarlet and Tahir are also friends of Donna's, and they'll respectively be Dollshe Amanda and... Yes, this is where my biggest problem is. I have no idea which sculpt to use for Tahir.

I used to have him as a Iplehouse SID Giorgio, but I don't want another Iplehouse for him.
In fact, I want him to be less buff, but I still want him to have a kind and friendly face, while looking mature enough to be 33 years old, and he has to come in light tan, like Iplehouse real skin or Luts real skin brown.
I know I don't have a ton of options, but if you people know any sculpt that could match this, please let me know!

 Besides that, I have invented a new system for buying dolls in the hobby. I have divided all my characters into four groups. With 5 in each group.
Right now I'm in group 1, which means I can only buy dolls from that group. When I'm done with that, I will move unto group 2, which is 5 different characters. I really hope it can stop me from worrying too much.

Group one looks like this:
Hunter (LLT Lazuli)
Tahir (???)
Gerda (April Story Eternal Spring girl)
Estelle (Supia Naomi)
Connor (Impldoll Star Azalea)

I hope to keep it simple! 


  1. I think it works perfectly too, always best to follow ones feeling.
    I still wonder about the relationship between my two Narshas. They are like one.
    And I would love to have a brother to Noomi, so…that group thing are a good one. Especially if one wants to buy some different kind of dolls, like me when I saw one of the Catish dolls at dollmore. I think it keeps things simple! (✿◠‿◠)

  2. Donna works very well with this sculpt, she's stunning!! Didn't realize before how mature your characters were, I mean in age, makes me feel not that old XD

    Love the groups priorities you made and those are very nice sculpts, hope you get them~~

  3. If you feel best about going back to Larika then you definitely should :D
    For Tahir I think you should go for someone from Luts because they look innocent but some of their 65 boys can also look a bit older - Platinum, Grey, Abadon, Silver, Dion.

  4. Donna looks stunning, and I wish you the best for this project!
    Have you seen the new 60cm Narin boy Bimong is sculpting? He does have tans, but you'll have to wait until he finish him, most probably this year.
    I was going to suggest RingDoll or IoS but I think they do not have light tans.
    LittleMonica Grace Harmony could be, and now they offer tans too. Souldoll has manly sculpts and light tan resin, but I think they do not offer it for each doll as basic, you need to wait for an event.

  5. I think it's always good to have some kind of plan. My only plan with my dolls, is to get one for each of the little chairs I have collected. Heehee. They're gifts from my husband.

    I really think this doll is lovely, and I'm glad it's working itself out for you! Twins are always fun too!! :D

    Hope you're New Year is starting well!