Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Directions

Sometimes when working on a particular project that has been on-going for years, you'll see flaws. Flaws in the plot or the world, but also sometimes in the character designs. 

Annabelle in 2010

Rose in 2012

Yes, both Annabelle and Rose were white women.
Now for the shocking thing.
I never had this doll at home, but Connor used to be a white, cis woman. I'm not kidding. XD 

But sometimes characters evolve. Sometimes you can control it, but most of the time I can't. It'll just happen like it was meant to be. 

Have you ever had a doll evolving in a new direction? If so, I wanna hear about it :D


  1. It's not like it was easy to get tan dolls at the beginning either! Maybe it was that? We need more variety in sculpts too, like latin american faces and more arabic noses X)!!! though there's quite a few males I'd like more girls with that nose

    My characters are simple, so not much evolution XD

    1. I agree so much x.x It's so hard finding non-European looking sculpts, and when they exist they're always look "stern" and "confident" :( I really want an African looking woman sculpt that smiles, but that is almost impossible to find.
      I have seen a lot of East Asian looking sculpts, but not really a lot for the rest of Asia, and yes more Arabic noses would be lovely! :( Maybe it'll happen someday.

      Haha, but your characters are still cute and nice! :3

  2. I agree with Fantasywoods, it is hard to have diversity on sculpts in this hobby, and I think that only recently some companies started offering it. Also, tan was not easy to find before!
    I personally love current's Annabelle form!

    1. Definitely >_< I agree too. And it's not like my current Annabelle looks all that African, not as much as I would have liked her to, but I love the sculpt, so unless a more perfect sculpt comes along, she's gonna stay a Marien.
      Thank you for liking Annabelle in her current form <3

  3. I remember waiting for a tan doll, that had the similar hight and sculpt that my Esther has, so a Narsha that is. When they finally released one, I was so happy. Have never ordered one faster. I can even see that ones interest in dollies often follow the same kind or sculpt. I just have to look at myself. Tiny, chubby and cute. And oh so girly.
    In one way I can see a change coming on in Esthers personality after the carving and repaint I did. But I do not know yet. Have to let it grow and bloom, to see were it goes. It is the same with us human beings, we change too, so that is really nothing strange at all. :)

    1. That's so lucky, she was released :D And that you had money for her!
      I hope you'll let us know more, when you know more :3

  4. I think it's a part of the creative process. I know my characters have changed a lot. For me, it's been mostly a learning experience. New companies coming up, and finding my preferred aesthetics. TAN THOUGH!!! <3