Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New wish for new universe

Okay, så I had to consider what I want to do now, when I'm back to the Larika characters. Obviously I sold some of the dolls, I used to have (Connor, Gwen, Tahir, and so on), so what do I want to do...

As I mentioned, I divided my wishlist into groups.
Today I want to share group 1.

My plans are:
1. LLT Lazuli 
I know, I have already owned one, but I can't shake off the idea, that he's perfect for Hunter. I think he could make a cute, grumpy man. 
2. April Story Eternal Spring girl
I found the Spring girl by pure chance, when I was looking for bodies at April Story. I was trying to picturing Gerda, as a more realistic version, and I think this may be a good compromise. Gerda is based on some different anime tropes, so it wasn't an easy task finding a sculpt for her. I hope the Spring girl will do. 
3. Supia Naomi
I just love Supia dolls. Naomi has that kind and sweet look, that I think could go well as Estelle. 
4. Impldoll Azalea on the Star body
You know, I just don't know, if it'll work or not. I have a hard time deciding if I love the idea of Connor as an Azalea, or I hate it. I probably have to get a custom color done though, as I don't think Impldoll's tan is dark enough. 
5. Souldoll Tera Zenith Oscal
I'm 80% sure I love this idea for Tahir. The remaining 20% is that I don't know if he could pull off the expression I have in mind. Obviously I would commission someone to do the face-up. My other idea is Iplehouse EID Lawrence (I know I said no EID men, but eh).

I'm not completely sure about these, except for Lazuli and Naomi. I really want an Oscal, but I need to be sure, he can pull off a gentle and kind look, I need to see if an Azalea can look as I imagine my kind-hearted, playful Connor, and for Spring girl... Well I haven't seen any owner pictures at all D: 

Oh well, I hope for the best.


  1. Those are great sculpts!! I'm very curious about Connor, as he was my fave from your crew! Hope you can get them all!

    1. I have actually already reconsidered my plans for Connor. Now I'm considering an Iplehouse Bella on the SID body (because they offer small bust in that size, I would rather have him as an EID though). Thank you! :D

  2. Exciting that you are going back to those characters! I'll admit, I kinda hope you do decide to get an Oscall :3
    You've found some very pretty sculpts that are also a bit unusual (collector-wise, not looks), which is super cool :D

    1. I'm pretty excited about it too :3
      I don't know for sure about Oscal yet. :P I have several different ideas for Tahir, so I have to decide what I'm gonna do, eventually.
      Thank you ^^ I feel like my taste is ever-evolving. I started out with a doll that had 18mm eyes and was pretty stylized in general, but now I'm moving more and more into semi-realism.

  3. Hi Nikki,
    Lovely sculpts you have chosen, hope they all come to fruition. :)
    BTW I have added your banner to my blog.

    1. I have had a lot of fun picking out sculpts for these characters. I'm not all done with picking out sculpts for everyone, but only those in group 1 counts ;)
      Thanks a lot dear! :D

  4. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out! <3 I think they are all gonna look soo good!

  5. These are all really cool sculpt choices! Impldoll is likely closest to my heart. Can't wait to see your new universe come to life, and I hope you can get them all!

    1. I don't know if I'm gonna go with the Azalea sculpt, as I got another idea as well :P But I'll see in time :3
      Thank you!

  6. I hope for the best too, those are some lovely sculpts! Especially Supia Naomi got my heart going a bit more than usually.

    1. Thanks a lot :D Yes! I love Supia so much! So pretty head sculpts. I'm not that keen on the body, but since I have three Supia girls on the wishlist in total, I'm probably gonna give it a chance with at least one Supia girl body :P