Friday, February 17, 2017

10 facts about Hunter

I just woke up, after what feels like the best sleep I have had in forever. I have been dealing with insomnia for well over a year, now I talked to my doctor Wednesday, and she increased my meds. I still woke up at 5.30, but to be fair, I had a nap from 17.30 to 20.00 yesterday, and I went to bed at 23.00, so I don't think it's weird for me to be awake now.
And at least my sleep tonight feels much better.

I have been utterly consumed by my OTP lately OTL (I don't think my friends are surprised at this point since all I talk about is those two)
My smol bby, AKA Hunter, will be home soon. He'll be a LLT Lazuli.
I thought, why not share 10 facts about him. Haha.

Photo from LLT

1. He's the oldest of a group of four siblings. He's 33 years old.
2. His family isn't his biological family. Hunter was found by Jack when he was 4-5 years old. He was an orphan surviving in the streets.
3. Hunter met Tahir when they were both 7 years old. After that, it would another 8 years until they would meet again. 
4. When they did meet again, Hunter fell in love. After a while, they started dating, and have been dating ever since. 
5. Even though Hunter and Tahir are partners, they only spend a month each year together. Work keeps them separated most of the time, but they keep contact by letters. 
6. Because of his childhood, Hunter developed anxiety and low self-esteem.
7. Hunter's best friend is Donna.
8. His favorite hobby is reading.
9. Hunter his afraid of dogs.
10. He is a bit socially awkward and comes off as arrogant. 


  1. Precious is older than me!!!! I will never get tired of saying it, until you know, in june, when the magic will die and we will be the same age. Can't you just make him older each year? XD

    What kind of books does He likes?

    1. If it makes you feel better, he is 33 by the time he's introduced into the books, so by the end of the story, he'll be a few years older XD Haha

      I think he has a very wide range of taste in books as long as it's well-written. :D

  2. Wow, the being away of his partner struck close to me, poor guy =S I really liked his 10 facts, honestly! Hope you share more facts!

    1. Aww :c That is definitely not a nice situation, no *hugs* Thank you for liking them! I will :)

  3. He seems like a very nice man! And so patient and probably in deep love, just being able to stay apart from Tahir like that. Letters are just so romantic. Then he is strong too, being able to build up a life from orphan to a working man! I really like his story <3

    1. Haha, I was afraid (in the actual story) he'll come across as a jerk, but he's really bad with people XD And yes, very much in love even after all those years. Haha. Thanks a lot! :D

  4. Hi Nikki!
    Good to hear you're sleeping better.

    Hunter sounds interesting, and I shall look forward to hearing more about him down the track.

    1. Hi dear,

      Thank you so much!

      I will definitely share more eventually :D <3

  5. Fact 11, a total beauty!! *_* I love dolly facts, and I hope he is home soon~~