Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just some info about the universe of my stories

So I thought I would use a post to explain what the universe of my dolls (and most of my stories) is like.
I have changed a lot of things during the almost ten years I have been writing.

So I'm nowhere near done with creating the countries, I only have a handful named and even less fully developed, but let me explain what I know.

The planet of this world is made up of three poles. These poles are positioned underneath the earth and it's where the magic stems from. The closer to a pole a country is, the stronger the magic will be of the people or creatures of the country.

We have the north, which is where "Himlen Over Larika" takes place. Larika is not close to any poles, so the magic is weaker than other countries, but it doesn't mean there isn't any magic.
The north of Larika is covered in mountains and almost uninhabitable. The capital of Larika, Nomita, is in the tip of the south of the country.
Larika used to be inhabited by light alfs, dark alfs, Isanus and many minor magic species, but when the magicless humans arrived 200 years prior to the plot, the humans took control over the country.
Slowly, magical people were killed off or placed into camps with horrible conditions.
An alf by the name Jack started a group of alfs who were resisting the governmental power of the country. The group grew bigger and bigger, but Jack started drinking way too much, and got killed by some guardians.
Adam, his biological son, is the new head of the rebellion and it has turned into a very different kind of fight.

Above the northern borders of Larika lies Illian, a country even less magical than Larika. It's covered in snow and the people of Illian is known for their tactical war skills and brutal force rather than any kind of magic.
For the last many centuries they've been to war with a bigger part of the south and east, but for some decades they've been going slow and hasn't attacked any new countries.

In the south, there is a huge country called Karr. It's a desert country and was originally divided into many smaller countries, but humans from the north settled in Karr, took over the power and gathered all the countries into one. The current king is descendant from the first king of the combined Karr.
Karr is placed just about as close to a pole as possible. Actually, the closest pole is just between Karr and Daas sa Rishaa, the sister-country to Karr. Karr is possibly the country with the strongest magic, and still also has the strongest military in the whole world.
The military consists of teenage girls, but don't think you have a chance even for a minute. This military is even more trained and tactical than the military of Illian. Illian actually tried to go to war with Karr, but was forced to retreat fairly quickly. Karr didn't go after Illian, though, since they believed there would be no gain.

Below Karr lies Daas sa Rishaa, which is a country that shared similarities in religion, language, and history to a lot of the native people of Karr.
Daas sa Rishaa breed, train and export griffins to the military of Karr.
Daas sa Rishaa may never have been occupied, but a lot of the values and politics from Karr has blended into the society of the country, which was why they instated death penalty for same-sex actions such as relationships or sex.

This was all the countries I have so far. I still need to consider what the east and west are like.


  1. Wow this is very interesting!! I was imagining everything as I read... maybe you can draw a map or something? It would be awesome!
    Thanks for sharing your story, I find it very interesting!

    1. Thank you!! :D I'm so glad you read it and like it.
      I'm not good at drawing myself, but I'm looking into maybe commissioning someone to do it :3

  2. Love your universe, it seems so intense and awesome!! I was imagining everything as I read, I want more!

    1. Thank you! :D I hope to expand the universe as I go along. I want to add more countries and create a proper history for the entire world it happens in. Haha XD;

  3. Hi Nikki!
    My heavens girl, you are so imaginative and I like it!! I only have created one little town with a small surrounding area for my magical beings and never even thought of creating a whole universe. As Alejandra said "it's awesome". :)

  4. This was a wonderful read before bed time! You really have an imagination out of this world - just continue and give us more! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words ;w; It means a lot!

  5. I envy your creative ability! It took me a long time to get in touch with myself enough to be able to write stories for my characters. I love the magical element, and I agree with Musume, a map would be awesome! :D

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot! :D I have never had much trouble coming up with stories, but writing them is much more of a challenge, because I lack concentration.