Friday, March 31, 2017

Being real and seeking advice

I know I have shared a lot of details about my personal life on this blog, and I'm gonna continue to do so.
I have lost motivation. I feel dead inside and I don't even know if I should stop writing stories altogether. I know it's probably my brain messing with me, but it's so tough and confusing.

I have considered a lot of possibilities:
- Creating a new universe and creating a bunch of new stories to work on besides Larika?
- Giving up on the current universe and create a new one?
- Giving up entirely on writing?

I used to love everything about creating stories. Now I feel empty and hollow, even when I try to imagine the characters and the stories, it's so demotivating.

I don't know anymore. Sorry for being down again...


  1. First off, I am sorry that you are not feeling well. :c I really hope it'll take a turn for the better for you soon, because no way you deserve this ><;

    Second, and most importantly, I don't think you should give up on writing. I don't know what to advice you to do, but not writing is definitely not one of them. you have not been feeling well, have been exhausted and what not, and that will undoubtedly affect your creative flow, so it will get harder to start writing again, or creating something new. It happens to many artistic people, sadly, and once in the rut it can be hard to get out.

    you have tried doing the short writing challenge, and forcing your brain to create, can be one of the ways to get it started as it is like a muscle that needs to be flexed, but on the other hand, it can also be that you just need some time.

    The last year has not been easy on you, and sometimes people just need time before they can start creating again. How much or how little depends on the individual person, but forcing oneself too much could also possibly end in a burn-out which is in the other extreme of what we do not want to happen.

    Third, never apologize for how you are feeling. your feelings are valid, and this is a platform in which you can voice them and your concerns, it is important to be able to get it off of your chest.

    you are a wonderful person, and your writing is super good and a joy to read, so I'll definitely be cheering by your side, no matter the decision you make.

    I don't know if this rant helps at all, and if not I am sorry. XD; *hugs*

  2. "Skam den som ger sig" as we say here in Sweden! Do not give up, just let it rest a bit and grow slowly. Focus on something else and let the stories come to you. It is important to give it time and when the motivation lacks, I usually turn my interest into something totally different. It may work for you, or you may find something else that helps you.

    A parallell universe would work, a different world, same thoughts....

    Well, you will figure it out, you always do. Mostly I am sad and sorry to hear that you are feeling down. Take care of you and never be sorry for feeling down. Never ever! Hugs! <3 I end with a quote from Pooh:

    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

  3. I'm sorry you feel this way at the moment. One thing I know for sure is that it won't last forever!! Give it time and if you need to start writing other stories, do so! Don't ditch your characters or your universe, just create new things while the inspiration comes back. It doesn't have to be anything elaborated, heck, it doesn't even have to be good, but as long as you write a tiny bit, you won't be giving up any time soon :)

  4. I'm so sorry you are feeling that way, if you wanna talk, my Google Hangouts is open :D

    Maybe you are just on a writers block. I'd say, leave the story in suspense, and "cosplay" your dolls. Try outfits, wigs, styles, something wild... get inspired, and write a one shot, maybe take a photo to go with that one shot. That way you won't be compromising to a fully fledged long story, and if any of those one shots sticks... then good to go.