Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ramble and photos of Annabelle

I went to my psychiatrist and it went very well. I hope it'll be the start of better recovery!
It isn't magic, I'm not gonna get cured today and that's that. But I believe I will feel better and better soon, and at some point live a life, where I'm happy. :)

I haven't been thinking much about my story or the characters lately. I haven't had the mental capacity to do so, but it'll come back I'm sure.

I found a trade on DoA recently. I have been wanting an Impldoll Delia as Connor version 2! And a dark tan Delia head showed up, so I took the chance and proposed a trade, which the seller agreed to. Delia arrived just yesterday, and I love love love the head.

I posted some pictures of Annabelle a while ago.


  1. I am so glad to hear <3 that it went well at the psychiatrist and I hope so too, that you can start a better recovery. I doctor said that it really is no magic and one must let it take its time. And everything is okay. There is no rights and wrongs.

    That dark head is so beautiful, really love the dark color. And Annabelle is looking sophisticated as always.

  2. I'm happy to read the appointment went well!! Also, congrats on the trade, Delia is gorgeous and I cannot wait to see Connor back again.

    And Annabelle is looking lovely <3

  3. Love Annabelle, but I'm most excited to see Connor 2.0 often in the future :D! When he's ready ofc, no pressure :)
    I'm glad you are better and optimistic, you are awesome!