Sunday, April 30, 2017

Incoming Pure Neemos

In this post, I want to share a bit about what Pure Neemos I'm waiting for at the moment.

Since I already shared the news about preordering Himeno, I won't include her, even though I'm indeed waiting for her as well.

I ordered two Pure Neemos together with Maria

First up is Meow x Meow a la Mode- Kuroneko Lycee 
I have decided on naming her Hotaru 

And in the same order, I have Meow x Meow a la Mode- Russian Blue / Alisa 
Her name will be Nanami

A short while after I placed a layaway order for two additional Pure Neemos.

This time, Meow x Meow a la Mode- Abyssinian / Maya
This girl is gonna be Haru

And I ended up adding an Alice's Tea Party Series Kanihoru x nico joint exhibition version Minami
I will name her Momoko

And lastly, I ended up partially trading my YoSD Nana for a Komorebi no Doubutsu-tachi Kuma-san Koron
I have decided on the name Sayuri

I have completely figured out how this universe will be. I know they will all be high school students, but otherwise, I just have some vague ideas for personalities. 

Ae you guys waiting for non-BJD dolls? If so I would love to hear about it :3 


  1. I feel like Alice in Wonderland, falling deep, deep down into that Pure Neemos hole. Gosh. They are so cute, love the ones you are waiting for. And as you know, I have ordered just one (need to keep the straitjacket on, so my mind don't make the hands to do strange things on different sites and order more, haha) and I am waiting for that one. She has been shipped and I am stalking the route. I hope for tomorrow, but I think it will be more Tuesday that will be delivery day! And I do not have any name for her yet. Need to meet her first and see what comes up. Happy Valborg and enjoy 1st May.

    1. Hahaha, I also feel like this is just a different brand of dollie-hell :P I remember SO clearly saying "I will NEVER buy a Pure Neemo" and it became "okay... maybe I will around 5", and now "55 seems like such a great number, doesn't it?" OTL hahaha
      So yeah, can I borrow that straitjacket? ;) I hope you will blog about your Alisa, when she arrives! I really like her!
      Happy May 1st to you too~

  2. Your traded Nana XD dear lord that was a fast change, congrats on the new girls!! And don't worry, I just find it a bit funny :P but in a good way.
    They are all very pretty

    1. I'm an unpredictable fool OTL I know
      But thank you :P <3

  3. Yaaay! I'm excited about all the Pure Neemos we're waiting for! ♥ Also, I still can't believe what a similar taste we have in yet another hobby/interest. xD

    1. Yasss, we're gonna have so many cuties *w* Weee
      Yeah, it's pretty interesting how we're always so goddamn similar in our taste XD

  4. My goodness the Meow x Meow are all so cute!! There is another one with ponytails, am I right? but Maya is my fave, so adorable!!

    And Sayuri is so lovely, and that outfit!!

    Hope they all arrive soon!

    1. I love the Meow x Meows <3 They're so adorable. It pains me a bit that I have to withstand Yuzuha, but I'm much more in love with the new Chiika and Koron :)
      Ponytails.. Hmm, now I'm not sure which one you're thinking about, but I'm in no way an expert! Haha :P

      Thank you! I have been soooo much in love with the Doubutsutachi girls, so to think I will receive a Koron in that version soon is amazing! <3

      Thank you dear!

  5. OMG! Not you too! Everyone seems to have gone crazy for these dolls lately. :)

    I must admit they are very cute Nikki, just not for me right now.

    1. Yeah, me as well hahaha ;) They're just so adorable, and they speak to the anime lover inside me :)

      That's fair! Everyone have their own taste and likes :)