Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Changes for my dolls and myself

As some of you may be aware of, I have had a terrible writer's block for a while.
I was thinking some major changes might be able to make my creative juices flowing again. So I have paused my Larika story for now. I hope I will write it someday.
I have another story being created from scratches. And I'm using it for my BJD universe.

So I want to share, what I have so far.
It's a fantasy story inspired by the Viking age. So inspired by our world around year 800-1000 A.D.
I'm not aiming for historical accuracy since it's a fantasy, but I really like the Viking age, so I thought I would take some inspiration from it.
As usual, I will try and see if I can write a multiple viewpoint story.
The story isn't very developed yet. So I don't feel confident sharing the ideas, as they might very well change.

So far I have some vague concepts for my dolls, but I know a bit about my IH Jessica.

Her name will be Ylva Ragnasdatter, she'll be the daughter of a legendary famous shieldmaiden called Ragna, who has passed away. Ylva wants to become a hero like her mother, but in her first and only battle, she fled the fight and has been a laughing stock for the village ever since.
She intends to prove to the people of her country and herself that she isn't a coward, so she joins a journey across the ocean to a different continent that is known to be hostile towards her people, in order to seek an alliance against yet another country they have been fighting for decades.

Also, I'm changing my name back to Lise.
It's rather complicated, but I know people don't see me as anything other than a girl, and by enforcing the name "Nikki" I challenge people (in real life mostly) and they take this as an invitation to completely disregard my gender and identity. I don't want to be optimistic and live in hope that people will suddenly understand, so that's it. I will endure it, as I always have, but this time I won't be living in a fake hope of understanding.


  1. The age of the Vikings is really an interesting place to find some inspiration and build up a story from! Different ages (Medieval, Roman, Western….) has always interested me and one can really find a lot of inspiration there. Even movies and books can be good. I hope that you find something that helps you with the writer’s block.

    I am sorry to hear that people disregard your gender and identity. They have no right to do so, but sadly they do. I remember when my girls where tiny kids and wanted to dress like boys - I let them. Many times people adored my boys with long hair and asked what their names where. When they heard the names, two really girly names, they thought I had lost my mind. Their body language was so clear - I was doing something wrong as a mother, letting them dress like boys. They surely based everything on preconceptions, certain colors are typical boyish.

    And now I am babbling. :D I just hope that they someday stop disregarding other peoples gender and identity. And good luck with the writing, look forward to hear more - how it goes, what new thoughts you have and so on!

  2. Ohh this sounds interesting!!! I think the Viking age has so much potential for writing, and what little you shared seems very interesting!

    I'm sorry to read about people disregarding your genre and identity D: I'm not sure of what I can say, and I apologize if I ever misgendered you. I do hope you can be yourself and be comfortable with yourself, though. You have all the right to do be happy!

  3. Wouldn't worry too much about the writer's block, we all get it at sometime, or other personal things get in the way of blogging, so we are all in the same boat there. :)

    Sounds like the makings of a great story and her red hair certainly suits a Viking lass.

    I have only known you as Nikki and your gender has never come into play, but if you want to now be known as Lise, so be it . . . "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" . . . you are simply who you are.

    Big hugs,

  4. I love the inspiration! Writer's block can be hard, I know I was searching for some change. I am trying new things with my dolls now, hands, feet, faceup supplies. It's really helped me a lot. You've inspired me! :D

    It's important to remember that you tell people how to treat you. And it's really none of your business what people think of you. ;) In life you come across people who will not understand and people who will. Don't spend any time worrying about the people who don't. They don't deserve your time and energy! :)