Friday, June 2, 2017

Just a quick update

Hi~! Long time no see!

I didn't forget about my blog, but my life has been very up and down the last... Well, let's just say for a while OTL 

I still feel very confused about my dolls. I don't plan on changing universe (again xD;;) I just still need to figure it all out. 

Regarding Pure Neemos, I'm hopelessly confused. I want a concept. I don't know how to have dolls, just for the sake of owning them. But I can't find a concept I like. :c Any help would be appreciated and rewarded with internet-hugs. 

Manael (SID Marien) and Ylva (EID Jessica) are with my dear friend, Kanojo Kakumei, in Spain. Soon Leif (LLT Lazuli) will join them, and they'll be back home soon with brand new face-ups :) 
I'm very happy that Shin of Kanojo Kakumei wanted to do a somewhat bigger trade with me. 

I hope it won't be too long until I can gather some coherent thoughts and blog again :3 

Until then here's a photo of Khara:


  1. Hello there and hope that you are feeling a bit better now. Life can really make a mess of it all, and sometimes there is no energy at all. But I hope that the summer sun makes things a little better.

    Haha, know the feeling about being confused. And when it comes to dolls, bid’s or other, it can be hard to either find a doll matching the character or finding fundamental characteristics to the dolls you have. I often fall for a doll, order it (if I am lucky) and when we meet I get the feeling what she/he will be like. With Noomi I needed some more bonding time and I am not so sure about her yet.

    Have you received your Pure Neemos yet? If I do not remember it wrong you have some Meow x Meow’s and some cute girls with different styles on the way? Have you thought if these girls are connected in some way - through family, school, friendship, their own hobbies? If I end up with another Pure Neemo, it will be a sister to the one I have. Any more thoughts about the Russian Blue Alisa, I am still interested. :)

    Khara is so adorable!

    1. I actually feel terrible about how absent I have been in regards to commenting on blogs :( I hope I can catch up on it soon.
      But you're right, life can be one big mess, and that's definitely how it feels right now.

      Yeah, I feel like it's coming together, even though I'm way slower than I used to be. I guess, I'm very much an impatient kind of person.
      I need new clothes for all my dolls to fit my idea, and I have looked around, but haven't found much. There's pieces I can use, but most of it, I will have to commission or make myself.
      I like the challenge, but I still don't have the facbric I need, so it's a slow process. But I once heard a nice quote. "Good things happen slowly", I live by that quote.

      Still haven't received anyone else beside my Miu. I was told Lycee and Alisa was soon being shipped, so I think it won't be too long.
      Yeah, I did consider something about a High Scool or a Magical girl theme, and my friend suggested a High School for Magical girls. I actually like that idea!
      I will let you know when I have received Alisa :)

      Thank you! :D

    2. Ah, no reason to feel terrible about that! It is OK, real life first! <3

      And absolutely, good things happen slowly, I can go by that quote too. Some things you can not hurry. In time you will find the fabrics so that you can take the next step in the process.

      That sounds like a wonderful idea with a High School for Magical girls - it can be magical in any way - cute, scary, spooky, fun... :)

      And thank you! :D

  2. Hope you're finally getting your life in order Lise, it's a bummer when things are all over the place and you have no direction. I get like that sometimes with the dolls, but time out helps get me focused again. Cheer up kiddo, and just enjoy yourself.

    1. Thanks! My life is a bit of a mess, but I try my best at handling it :)

  3. Welcome back!! If you want, we can talk on Google chats about doll ideas? If you don't mind my accent we can even do a call or something :D

    I can't wait to see the new faceups, honestly! Khara is looking adorable :3

    1. You bet I want to! :D I love chatting. And I doubt you could understand my accents ;w; I have terrible English, when I talk.

      Thanks dear!