Saturday, August 12, 2017

Just an update

I have gotten a referral to a clinic for people with sleeping problems. To be honest, it's a relief. Maybe they will finally fix my sleeping problem. 
I have gotten bad sleep every single night for over a week now, and I'm slowly going crazy. 

In regards to dolls, not much is happening. I'm awaiting a Dollshe Amanda I traded to recently. That's why Ylva will be reshelled (at some point when I can afford it). 

Turns out my dog is allergic. The vet thinks it's the dog food, so I have to buy special allergy-friendly food. If it turns out it's not the food, I have to pay for a blood sample ($400) and for some allergy meds to be manufactured. It sounds super expensive, so I hope replacing her food will do the trick. 


  1. Oh you are having a bad trot Lise. I do hope the Clinic can help you and that your doggy doesn't need the blood tests...that is very expensive. Sometimes I think us dog lovers are taken advantage of by vets, it just cost us nearly $600 to have dental work done and a couple of x-rays taken.

    Keep your chin up kiddo.

  2. I'm sure things will get better, and I am glad that they have referred you to a specialized clinic, I hope they can help you fast! Sleep is so important!
    Wish ets wouldn't be so expensive, it looks like a total abuse to me :(

  3. That referral is great, I do wish you the best so you can sleep properly!! Also, I do wish for the best for you and Cleo, and sincerely hope the food will do the trick!

    Amanda is gorgeous, and I hope she will arrive soon!

  4. I hope the clinic can help you with your sleep! ♥ Also crossing my fingers that Cleo just need the food changed and doesn't need to get a blood sample! ^^

    I can't wait to see Amanda! She will be so stunning. :D

  5. That is some good news in the middle of trouble - I hope that the clinic will help you with your sleep! <3
    And poor little doggie, hope that he does not need any expensive blood samples taken and that the change of food will do the trick.
    Look forward to seeing Amanda!