Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Finding the perfect Gerda

I have been thinking hard about Gerda. I used to own her as a Napidoll Chesi, but I think it'll be hard bringing home a blank NS Chesi head for a reasonable price. I have found one in WS and then a full Chesi (with a body I don't want) in NS, but with a gorgeous face-up, which I don't feel like paying extra for, when I would have to remove it.

My other option I have considered is a Volks DWC03
Picture from Volks

But I also have the April Story Spring girl head, which I bought as Gerda, but then the Viking universe happened, and now Larika is back I'm considering if Spring girl could make a good Gerda.

Spring girl borrowed my Dollshe Amanda body so I could take a photo 

My concerns are:
- I need a new face-up for her. Gerda is supposed to have a ton of freckles. I'm considering Mikiyochii this time around because I adore the way they does freckles 
- I don't know if Spring will match the body I want for Gerda. A Dollstown 13yrs girl body
- She might end up looking slightly older than I'm going for. Gerda is supposed to be a very innocent and young looking 16 years old. I can't decide if it's a good or a bad thing.
- I don't know if I'm just "settling" if that makes sense? I don't know if I should strive to find my perfect grail for her, or if Spring is good enough.

I would love opinions if you have any of course.


  1. Spring girl has a lovely face and I think she looks adorable. I can understand your thoughts because we all do have them. I do not think you should just settle, it may bug you later. The dollstown body is beautiful even if I have a little trouble with the ribs showing like that. The body would work for the thoughts you have for Gerda. I always try to strive for finding the grail, even if it takes time. Well, don't know if this was helpful or just messed things up o_O but I do hope you find what's best for you and the story. <3

    1. I have exciting news regarding Gerda soon! You were absolutely right in not settling :) I will share the news when I'm ready, but it's gonna be interesting I promise ;)

  2. Oh yes - to find a doll for a specific character. I fell your concerns and troubles. This can be very frustrating and can take a long time.
    But just listen to yourself and at one point I am sure you will figure out, what will be best.
    I am really looking forward to see, who your Gerda will be.

    1. You're absolutely right. I have a character I've had even more trouble with XD I'm indecisive and a perfectionist when it comes to writing and characters :P
      Thank you dear!

  3. The AprilStorty head is my fave!! I really hoping to see Gerda, and how she will turn out!

    1. Thank you a bunch for having listened to all my rambles! :3