Friday, September 15, 2017

Larika - Changes

Oh hey guys, I'm not dead... Just very exhausted. I should read and comment on blogs soon, probably during the weekend.

So Larika... I already told you about my decision to go back to that universe. It's my project baby if that makes sense? I have been working on it since I was 18 and now I'm 28, so it's a ten-year project. And some of my very favorite characters of my own are in it. 
However, certain things had started annoying me and I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to keep writing, but then I got the idea to change some things drastically.

I used to have this main character called Robin Harris.

Robin was a spoiled rich,  but naive girl. But I thought she was a kinda boring main character. She felt like an easy way to let the reader identify with the main character, which I see is smart, but I'm sure even a white cis straight man would be able to feel empathy and identify with a black trans man, so I thought it would be cool to let Connor tell the story.

I haven't changed much in regards to Connor. But I wanted to focus less on his dysphoria and more on his new plot. I think dysphoria is important to talk about, but I feel like there's so much more to his story than just his transness.
And this new plot? What am I talking about?
I have planned a new main plot (which is partly the same) - The conflict arising between the faes and the humans.
But six different characters now have a subplot. These subplots should end up tying into the main plot. 
Connor's subplot is basically finding Gabriela and bringing her home to the capital. 
The other subplots are less planned out yet, but I have an idea for them.

Gabriela will have a subplot as well, alongside Hunter, Annabelle, Tahir and Estelle. 
I have tried to plan these subplots on both sides of the conflict or in-between. 

I'm already in the process of writing the story in this new forms. I hope it'll become much more interesting than my first version. 


  1. Hi Lise!
    Seems we are all in the mood to change things at present, though they may not all be the same things. I often wonder if this isn't caused by the changes in the seasons. Whilst you are busy re-arranging you story, I'm busy re-arranging my studio ... so we are both performing an "out with the old and in with the new" approach to our daily lives.

    I shall look forward to reading your changes when they are complete. Have a happy weekend.

    1. Haha what a coincidence! It can be a nice thing to change around old stuff. I feel surprisingly okay with changing major things in my story. Not even sad, but rather excited :D

  2. I'm so happy you have found your way to this story!! I know it is important to you, and that makes it amazing :D I cannot wait to see Connor back in action :D

    1. Thank you so much <3 Yes, it's such an important story to me. I'm so glad that people seem to like Connor :3 He's one of my faves as well!

  3. Hello dear! I hope that all is fine, sometimes it is just exhausting - know the feeling. Sometimes I feel a sort of overwhelming feeling, it is too much with all things. Hope for some new air, crisp and nice, to breathe in during my favorite season, Autumn.

    Ah, Connor is back! I am glad that you feel happy with these thoughts around this story. Look forward to reading more :)

    1. I'm not the biggest autumn fan, I like spring more, but I feel like every seaon has it's charm :)

      Yes! Connor will be returning as a doll as soon as I can afford it :3 Until then I can keep writing ^^

  4. I kinda feel like I'm a part of your story too since we have talked so much about it. :p It has been (and still is) interesting following the changes and evolution of your story.
    I'm excited about Connor being the new main character (and I'm glad you didn't get rid of Gwen anyway :3).

    1. Haha, but you are! You have been a help at so many times and I have gotten so many ideas from you <3 Thank you truly!
      I'm so excited as well. I have liked Connor a lot as a character :D

  5. Oh that sounds very interessting. Somtimes it is good to get another perpesctive in a story, not only for the reader, but mainly for the author. It can be very Frustration to get stuck at one point. But it seems you found your writing flow again.