Sunday, October 29, 2017

A small ramble about my new concept

I still don't know a lot about my new doll universe, but I wanted to share, what I do know.

So the story is in a fantasy universe in a country with a royal family.
The main character, however, is Cornelia, a girl from a lower social class, who manages to get to attend a nice school in the capital.

I'm considering a Souldoll Soul Kid Yeon-Bee for Cornelia.

Cornelia is 16 years old and she's more interested in doing her chores and homework, rather than finding a boyfriend. She has never even actually had a boyfriend, but it doesn't bother her at all.
What bothers her a bit, though, is the fact that she doesn't have any friends. She may be intelligent and snarky, but she's a bit reluctant when finding friends.

However, she runs into Emma, who is an energic and spontaneous girl, who is on a quest. When Cornelia meets Emma, Emma doesn't even know, what her quest is, she's just on an adventure to prove her "potential for greatness". Cornelia doesn't really understand why that means, but somehow (I still don't know how) Emma drags Cornelia on the Adventure.

Emma, whom I am considering a Youpla Ziya for. 

The two girls run into a slave market and Emma insists they rescue a dark elf who is about to be sold into slavery. Cornelia isn't thrilled, but Emma convinces her, that they need to. 

So Seldana joins the small crew. 

And for Seldana I want a Withdoll Elf Emma. 

This is not a whole lot yet, but I'm positive I will figure out more about these characters. 


  1. Hi Lise,
    It's all sounding very interesting and I'm sure you will build on this story. Your characters sound like they will be fun to follow on their journey.

  2. This sounds lovely and cute - I'm interested in hearing more of their adventures <3

  3. This sounds like a very interesting story!! I'm sure you will write a lot more, it has so much potential!! I hope you can get all the dolls soon :D