Saturday, October 21, 2017

Background story for Gerda

I received the head of Gerda recently, and I have been at a loss for how to blog about it.
Mostly because I have lost my passion for blogging. I do hope it'll return soon. I like blogging.

I decided to make a blog post about the backstory for Gerda. It's not touched a lot upon in the Larika story because it belongs in a different story called "Solens Døtre".

So, Gerda's family lives in Karr, a desert country that has a military purely made up of teenage girls, whose families sell them into service. To leave the military you have to pay back every single coin the family ever has received for the service.

Gerda's mother and father are very poor, and her father is disabled, leaving him unable to take most jobs, he would otherwise have to work without an education. The parents agree to sell Martha, Gerda's older sister, to the military, but the money only provides for almost barely survival, so the parents have to sell Gerda as well. They are heartbroken about leaving the girls in the hands of the military, but they use the money from both the girls to open a small store, and in secret the father saves up spare money if anything should happen.

In the military, Gerda thrives. She is excellent at fighting, very agile and she doesn't let her feelings interfere in battles. She finds a bond in the Griffin, Skygge, who was supposed to be put down because he was deemed unfit for training.

But when Martha is sent on a mission to Larika to retrieve a man wanted for possessing illegal and dangerous magic, she never returns. At first, her mentors and friends are hopeful. Her Griffin never returned, and Griffins always return home, if their rider loses their life, but Martha's Griffin remains gone.
But as weeks turn to months people lose hope. All Except Gerda. But the painful experience of hoping, but keep getting disappointed wears her down, so her father uses his spare money and takes out a loan to afford to buy her home.

Gerda starts feeling better while living with her family, but she never stops hoping and believing Martha is alive. When Gabriela and Julian arrive in Karr and stumbles into her family's store Gerda seizes her chance to go to Larika to look for Martha and before she runs away with her new friends to Larika, she steals her old Griffin, Skygge and smuggles him along on the ship.

And that's roughly the story about Gerda before the Larika plot :)


  1. Oh this story sounds so interesting!!! :D
    And I also want a Griffin <3
    She has a very serious but gentle face - and I love the red pixi cut

  2. Never stop writing, this is good! Feels nice to get to know Gerda and I like the name "Solens Døtre".
    And when it comes to blogging, it is something that goes up and down. You will find the passion again <3