Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Current Wishlist

I wanted to share my current wishlist.

Gabriela Torres
Phoenix Doll Mei normal skin
When I saw Phoenix dolls' girls I was instantly in love. I love how distinct they look and how much personality they show. I thought the "Mei" head could make a nice Gabby. 

Donna Carter
Iplehouse nYID Rexy normal skin
Originally I didn't even like Rexy until I saw a custom Rexy for sale. Then I decided it was a great fit for Donna, and it looks like Iplehouse updated the face-up choices for Rexy, so this face-up would actually fit her well. 

Gwen Baines
Iplehouse nYID Nancy normal skin
I have to thank a Danish BJD collector and IG friend for posting photos of her blank Nancy. I could immediately see the potential for this sculpt to become "Gwen" 

 Nneka Okoye
Iplehouse EID Lahela ebony skin
I would prefer a sculpt that didn't look as "serious" as Lahela for this character, but for now, it's my best option. 


  1. AH this is so fun and annoying at the same time. To look up dolls for characters (we had this discussion before had we?!) ;)
    But great choices - I love Lahela, and I think with the right face up, she can look more cheerful than serious. Nancy and Rexy are stunning - sadly I don't collect taller than 45-50cm. But I am a big Iplehouse fan.
    I never heard of Phoenix Dolls - beautiful face I have to look them up now - hopefully they have no MSD xD

  2. Oh, wow - Rexy in make up type C! Could take her even with the type A. Beautiful. And the skin color that Lahela has, with those blue eyes and red lips. She looks great even with the some kind native warrior clothes on.
    Great wish list and I hope that it will come more than just a wish list one day!

  3. Beautiful dolls Lise, they would all look good in the characters you have chosen them for. Wonderful wish list, but it's going to take some dedicated saving to purchase them all. Good Luck!

  4. Such a great wishlist! ♥ I think Nancy is such a perfect fit for Gwen. Also glad that you have Rexy on your wishlist now that she's not on mine anymore. xD And the Phoenix doll Mei is sooo lovely! Hope you will be able to get all of them in due time. ^^

  5. These are such amazing dolls!! I do hope you manage to get them all, I'd love to see Nneka, honestly!