Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year and my goals for 2018

I have written and re-written this list at least ten times since I started making it. I kept changing my minds regarding what I want for 2018, but I think it reflects how I do the hobby, to be honest.
I usually screw up my plans, and that's okay. I still enjoy the hobby in my own way. 

I still wanted to create some goals, though, even though I know I'm impulsive and change my mind a lot. 

So here are what my final goals for 2018 are:

Attend DollConDK 
DollConDK is a new BJD con set in Aarhus, Denmark. It's fairly close to where I live, and my best friend, Maria, even lives in the same city so I have a place to sleep while I stay. I would have liked to participate in the exhibition contest, but I probably won't be able to this time. I do, however, plan to participate in the photo contest. 
Some of my friends have expressed interest in going to the con, so I hope I will be able to meet up with them.

Buy alpaca/angora/mohair wigs for my dolls
I have to admit, I have become a bit picky regarding things like wigs for my dolls. I love the feeling, the look and the styling of the more expensive wigs, and I'm a bit fan of SophyMolly and Amadiz. I won't limit myself to those two, I'm always looking for other wig makers to buy from, but many such as Frappzilla and belachixdollworld does super gorgeous fantasy hairstyles that won't match my concepts. I still want some, eventually, but I'm going for my "main" look for my dolls until I have them more or less "finished". 

Buy urethane eyes for my dolls
Same as being picky regarding wigs I'm equally picky about eyes. I love urethane eyes and I want them for all my dolls. I used to be a big fan of Dollshe eyes, but sadly they're discontinued as of current. But who really knows if Dollshe brings them back haha. Luckily, I also love ED eyes, Mako, Doll Bakery, SOULinaBOX, and many more. 

Commission clothes for JIDs 
I already know that dressing JIDs will be a pain in the ***. I know certain people, luckily does commissions for JIDs, and I feel ever so lucky my wonderful friend, Musume, does custom orders for JID clothes. I have already planned an entire outfit for my incoming Violet with Musume. I still want to commission an additional outfit for yet another JID, but I still need to settle on those details. 

Pay off Iplehouse JID Violet 
I didn't even notice Violet at first until Musume received her gorgeous Venezia. She's so stunning and gorgeous, so when I switched to minis, I knew I had to own a Violet as well. I quickly decided I wanted a Violet in real skin for my character "Gabriela". 

Buy a Youpla Olive
I saw the work in progress photos of Olive, and at first, I didn't feel any special vibes from her, but as I saw her with a finished face-up I could see her work as Gerda. She isn't 100% like Gerda's old shells, but I think it'll work nicely with a face-up that fits Gerda's personality and the Youpla MSD girls are 38cm which would be perfect for my little, energic girl.

Buy a Youpla Ziya
I might have spontaneous have gotten a Ziya on hold for January. I just couldn't believe I got the chance to get my hands on a Ziya! She's like a grail MSD for me. She is gonna be my character "Donna".

Consider a Harucasting Maji
I'm only listing it as "consider", so if I buy her, I won't fail, and if I don't buy her I won't fail haha. I, honestly, adore Maji, I think she could do a wonderful Charlotte.

Practice more wig-making 
I have been practicing making wigs with yarn, and even though it's tedious work, I actually enjoy it. It's fun and interesting to do, but because there's a lot of repetition I quickly lose motivation. However, I want to keep practicing so I can upgrade to alpaca at some point.

See more of my BJD friends during the year
I haven't seen people a lot in 2017 since I can't travel easily when I have my dog. But I plan to invite people to my place more often. Maybe even do a mini meet-up again someday!

Get back into taking photos (Maybe do A Doll A Month?)
I managed to do A Doll A Week so well for the majority of the year, but around fall I lost motivation for a lot of things, including taking photos. I don't think I will do another A Doll A Week, though. It seems too much at the moment. I think monthly photos seems a lot more doable.

Write my prequel to Larika in English and post it online for friends to read
This is a huuuuge maybe. I would like to write the prequel at some point, and since it won't be included in the actual storyline I think it'll be fine to share it.


  1. This sounds like an exciting 2018!!
    Oh and Happy New Year!

    Ziya is a amazing doll!! I really considered to buy her at her final preorder, just to have her xD But now I can admire her at your crew!!
    I am really happy that you found your inspiration with the MSD size again

    And yes... JID clothes are annoying - which bust size will Viola have?

    1. Thank you! Happy new year to you too! <3

      I never thought I would get my hands on Ziya, she was sold out by the time I got into MSDs. It's a happy coincidence.

      I thiiiink it's the large bust? But I'm not really sure. She's secondhand, and I know I asked seller and gave the info to Musume, but I have forgotten it XD

  2. Ohhh thank you for including me, and Violet is a gorgeous sculpt!! I do hope you can achieve your goals and get your mini crew exactly as you want them to be!! Also, please make the Larika prequel in English!! *grabs a photo of the puss-in-boots to emphasize the begging*

    1. Always <3 I look so much forward to Violet!
      Thank you!
      I will do my best XD

  3. Those are some wonderful goals and I do hope that you can achieve them all!
    And what a great opportunity with a DollConDK. We usually take a trip to Denmark, during summer time though and this is in April if I am not totally off.
    Great that Musume can help you with the clothes to your incoming Violet! :)
    I wish you the best for 2018!

    1. Thank you! :D
      If you end up going to Denmark in April and find yourself near Aarhus, then you should preorder a ticket. There will only be 100 tickets, but there are still a lot left.
      I would love to meet up, if you could attend :)

      I wish you the best for 2018 as well <3

  4. Those are some great goals!!! I'm sorry I haven't been logging in now and then, so much of your collection has changed!!!
    I know you change things up a lot, but that doesn't mean you can't make goals for the plans you have right now, even if they change. Your way to enjoy the hobby is as valid as any!

    Happy new year!