Saturday, December 23, 2017

Year balance 2017 and Merry Christmas!

I always dread this post, because I know how I usually fail my goals haha.

1. Avoid spending too much money on dolls. If I have to spend money on the hobby, I hope it can be on clothes and such. 

I can without a doubt call this a fail. I did buy some new dolls in 2017, did some trades, I sold all of it though, and went on to minis.

2. Try my hands at sewing again. 

I did try, but it was half-heartedly and I would like to try more seriously some day. If I remember correctly I only managed to make a top for my EID Jessica, while I had the Viking universe. 

3. Go to Jointed Hearts

I didn't go to Jointed Hearts. Now that we possibly have a con in Denmark, I would like to focus on going to that one, and at some point attend a bigger one in EU, like maybe Doll Rendez-Vous.

4. Learn more about photography.

I learned a bit. Not as much as I would have preferred, but small improvements are better than no improvements. 

So, in the end, I barely succeeded with a few of my goals. I hope next year will be easier to keep. 


  1. I think it was good! Having to change the whole story is complicated!!
    Also, if you need help on sewing, let me know! I hope I can help you learn the basics!!

  2. You did well! And as you wrote - small improvements are better than non.
    Hope that you had a Jolly Christmas! <3

  3. Don't be so hard in yourself.
    I think this hobby is about evolving the dolls and yourself. And you made a BIG decision, which will hopefully make you happy.
    So don't worry and just enjoy what will come in 2018 <3