Monday, January 29, 2018

First photos of Donna (Youpla Ziya)

No box opening this time. There was literally no natural light when I got her home.

The tracking wasn't working properly. I had received a mystery note from the postman that a package had arrived, but according to Ziya's tracking she wasn't out for delivery that day, so I assumed it was a small insignificant package. I stayed at home most of the following day, because, according to the tracking she was out for delivery. The postman arrived, but she only had my ramie fibers. I was super bummed out by the prospect of going an entire weekend before I could receive Ziya (yes, I'm very impatient), but I went to get the mystery package, which turned out to be Ziya, hahahaha xD

So I did receive her the day I had hoped for but in an unexpected way.

The msd body from Youpla poses wonderfully. Right from the box she could stand and do nice poses, but I could feel she needs to be strung a bit tighter. I hotglue sueded her but forgot to tighten the elastic, but it's alright, she still poses like a champ <3

I'm super pleased with her and I can only recommend Youpla. Not only are the dolls great and beautiful, but Youpla herself is a very patient and kind person.


  1. Hello! Ziya looks fabulous. And she has a lovely faceup and beautiful hands. Anybody would be impatient waiting for such a cutie. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words :D I think it's safe to say, I'm still very much in love with her XD

  2. Hi Lise,
    Congrats on her arrival, she looks wonderful, I especially love how you've posed her in the last photo. :)

  3. She is lovely!! Congrats on her arrival, and it is good you decided to go fetch the package!!
    I hope you'll share more of her!! :D

  4. She is so cute <3
    I am so happy for you and that your MSD Crew is growing already.... I am looking forward to see both girls together :)

  5. Congrats on getting her home, in a funny way! :) She is so beautiful!
    Youpla has some amazing dolls. I do like the Vana, in mint skin.

    1. Thank you dear :3
      Vana is so stunning yeah, I originally wanted a tan skin Vana (before I went back to Larika), but in the end Ziya was better fitted for the Larika universe :)