Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Gabriela arrives~ (Iplehouse JID Violet)

I was stalking my tracking number for Gabby like crazy. I expected she would be delivered during noon, where I wouldn't be at home, but our postal system sometimes lets us sign an agreement that the postman can leave the package at the front door, so I did that.
Interestingly enough, the package wasn't there, when I got home, so I stalked the tracking number again, and it still said the estimate for delivery was the 23rd, so I waited, even though the post normally doesn't get delivery that late in my area.

But around 15 o'clock the postman left the package outside my door.
I ran to pick up the package outside the door and dragged it inside.

I apologize for the quality of the photos. They're taken with a cellphone and it was very dark that late in the day.

The package arrived safely.

I have no patience, it was so intense and I hurried with the photos XD

Pretty Iplehouse box!

The Violet head and the CoA. It was by then I realized the skin color seemed off. It was redder than I remember real skin to be, so I asked the seller about it, but she swore it was real skin. I wasn't angry since I knew she wasn't the first owner, but I also didn't believe her. I have had enough real skin Iplehouse dolls to recognize it by now.

The body is gorgeous, though. I love the style of Iplehouse's bodies, even if they aren't the best posers. However, this body has been restrung and is actually not that bad.

Her face is gorgeous!!

She borrowed some temporary eyes, a temporary wig and is wearing some boy clothes that was the only stuff I had that fit. The leather jacket could very well be her own, but the rest is just temporary. However, I have a commission on its way from Musume <3

Personally, I think I made a good choice for the character. She's so gorgeous.

The skin color issue got sorted out. I contacted the first owner of the doll (the danish BJD community is not big at all, so it wasn't hard to find him). He told me it was indeed peach gold.
Am I disappointed? Yeah, I wanted a different skin tone, so of course, I'm disappointed, but I don't plan on selling her. I hope I can make it work even though it didn't go as planned.


  1. She is gorgeous, congrats on getting her!! I do hope you can make her work with that skin tone, honestly. And I hope my package will arrive soon!!

    1. Thank you sweetie. I hope it'll work as well :) I really do love the sculpt and buying a new Violet would be a hassle xD I look SO much forward to dressing her in the clothes made by you :D

  2. Congrats on getting her home! She is really beautiful and the skin tone is lovely, but I can understand that you feel disappointed. I hope that you can make it work! Or as I say: Somethings happen for a reason. :) Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you! :D It is indeed a lovely skin tone and I haven't completely given up on her. She just arrived at the face-up artist's place, maybe that will make her feel more "right" :)

  3. Oh MY!! She is stunning... Congratz <3
    (I am still half pissed and amused that the seller tried to claim her with the false skin color... you handled it very kind!)