Tuesday, April 17, 2018

DollConDK 2018

I'm finally ready to make this blog post. I ended up catching some sickness just as I arrived home, so I had to gather strength to write this.
I apologize ahead for less than great quality photos. The light wasn't good in the showcase room, and I have so little experience in taking photos that I didn't know what to do to improve the quality. Nonetheless, I wanted to share my stories and photos.

I also wanted to apologize for not reading and commenting on your blogs. I have lost a lot of motivation and energy lately, but I plan to return to this blog again.

Just before the con Maria and I went to pick up Noam at the train station and we all headed to the con. I ended up being a bit overwhelmed with nerves when we had to check in and get our badges, but either the staff handing out the badges didn't notice or they didn't care, cause no one commented on it.

Soon after we arrived at the con, we met up with Maria. It was so nice meeting up with her again, I don't get the chance to see her too often. 

We went to look at the showcase room, but I was surprised to see so few SD and YoSD in there. There was definitely a majority of MSDs and people were so creative and talented, that I was overwhelmed.

It would be a lie to say we didn't go into the dealer/artist room. We spend a good deal of time in there. We had HaselsAesthetics and Snow's Bestiary selling stuff and people from Jointed Hearts in Sweden had a table as well. Lots of local artists were selling stuff as well, including my dear friend Michelle

We talked about eating together in the evening, but in the end, Maria and I went to Bruun's Galleri to eat a China Box. I think after an entire day being social, a break was much needed. However, I felt the day was a big success. 

Sunday started out fine. We woke up early and got ready to leave again. The con opened a bit before we got back there. We went to the sales area to retrieve our items, that didn't sell. I sold a bit of items, and in the end, I accidentally bought a Minifee head. It was a Nanuri 18 head, which I have wanted for some time now, and it was mostly thanks to Michelle for showing me it was for sale. 

And then it was time for the announcement of the winner. Maria won 1st place in the Tiny category with Isi. I don't remember all the other winners, but it was definitely well-deserved. The raffle was the part that took the longest time, but luckily there were chairs available. I was lucky enough to win twice in the raffle. A pretty MSD shirt from WarenBJD and a Barbie size dress. Maria won the prize she really wanted in the raffle. A Cocoring Toby! It was so amazing to see how happy she was. <3 

In conclusion, it was an amazing con. I think the people who arranged it did so well for their first time. I think it was a friendly atmosphere, and I look forward to next year :D 

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  1. It's good to read your post again. That was an interesting event. I've never been to any doll con. Thanks for sharing some photos. I can see a winged DC guy. :) I hope you feel much better now. Best regards.