Sunday, September 9, 2018

Incoming + wishlist

I thought I would merge these two topics into one single post.

I placed an order from Sprouty together with Maria. The first three pairs of eyes are Sprouty eyes. I ordered a pair of dark brown-ish eyes, which I hope can be used for Nneka (if she ends up as Impldoll Delia) or otherwise Connor perhaps. The next pair is the blue 12mm, which I hope will fit Gwen (BC Kaorin), and the purple pair is for a future doll. The last pair is 10mm blue ED Milky eyes, which I will use for Rose (Iplehouse nYID Nancy).

Speaking of BC Kaorin, I'm waiting for a Kaorin head. I ordered a custom face-up and ask for a neutral look, but with lots of freckles. I don't know how she looks, I just used the stock photo for reference. She'll be my character, Gwen, who is a total badass. If I should pick a top three of strongest characters in the Larika story, Gwen would be in third place, Darin in second and of course Gerda in first.

I ended up buying an Impldoll Alma head in the Impldoll Thanksgiving Event. I really think she'll be a good Annabelle. I ask for a special real skin tone and no face-up. I don't know if I'm gonna paint her myself, time will show.


My wishlist is as follows:

Human Impldoll Derrick in special real skin as Tahir.

Dollzone Merlin in NS as Hunter.

Simply Divine Valentina in NS on a Dollstown 18 yrs girl body as Scarlet.

Dollshe Erica Snow in Pure Skin oriental as Gabriela.

Impldoll Aurora in special tan skin as Connor.

Nimphaerytales Quimera in NS on a Volks SD13 girl body as Gerda.

Photos belong to their respective owners of course.


  1. Beautiful eyes! The purple ones are particularly nice. And Kaorin is simply gorgeous! Looks very realistic. Freckles really suit that face. Dollshe Erica reminds me of Yolandi Visser. :) Simply Divine heads are perfectly sculpted and have such an aristocratic look.

    1. I just love buying pretty eyes. It must be one of my "guilty pleasures" in the hobby. I adore urethane eyes so much.
      Actually, the purple ones are intended for a character I'm rather excited about. He is a villain, but I think he would be fun to have around in dollie form :D
      Ahh, I just couldn't resist Kaorin, when I found Black Cherry doll, she will be so pretty, I hope.
      I had never heard of Yolandi Visser before, but oh my, she's stunning. I do see the resemblance!

  2. So many pretty things to look at! I like the last one and Dollzone Merlin. Beautiful eyes!
    I hope that you will be happy with the results on Kaorin head! Look forward to seeing the results when the head arrive. :)
    Happy weekend!

    1. I'm so excited about Merlin. I have a lot of trouble with my character "Hunter". He refuses to be just about any sculpt I choose for him, but I hope this Merlin will fit nicely :D
      Thanks a lot! I will definite spam with photos :D

  3. Congrats on the order, I'm hoping the eyes will arrive soon!! And the Kaorin head is stunning, I love her! Here is to hoping all your items will arrive soon, safe and sound!

    And fingers-crossed you can get all the dolls in your wishlist!

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited for Kaorin :D
      Thanks! I will do my best XD