Monday, November 26, 2018

Magic of Larika (Lore)

If you're not into reading background stories and lore, you can skip this one.

So Larika is actually not the name of the universe in which my dolls exist. It's the name of the country where my current story is set.
 I wish I could draw you a map, I know just how it supposed to look.

Okay, so in this universe (which I have yet to name) there are three huge magical gems burried deep down into the soil of the earth. These three magical gems are the source of all magic, and the closer you are to a gem, the stronger is the magic.

Humans, as creatures without magic, soon came to envy the magical humanlike races such as faes and Isanus, so they started bringing up small pieces of the gems. At first they used them in objects to produce magical objects, but the humans longed for more.
They managed to liquifying  the gem pieces, which could be used by branding humans and if all went well, and the magic was correctly obsorbed into the body, the human would be able to do magic.

However, the process of the branding, the scars and the magic all put the live of the human at risk, so the experiment were limited to be used in the military of Karr and Etrinia. As for all illegal  practices there is a black market for these brandings, but the risks are often lethal enough to keep most people from trying.

The military from Karr soon learned how hard it was to make sure the new magic users would survive, but they discovered that a small dosis of magic could be used to create a "self destroy" mechanism in the girls. Every time a girl is captured and tortured to give up infomation about the military, she could activate the "self destruction" and blow up herself and whatever happned to be nearby.


I hope you enjoy my thoughts about magic in the universe of my story. :)


  1. Oh I was prepared for a long post, but that's okay, I prefer shorter ones during work time haha
    I really like this part of your story, I hope to read more soon!!!!
    Wish I was magical, wouldn't hurt if there was more magic in the world :)
    or maybe it would, and it would be just like in your world :(.... humans always ruining my dreams xD

    1. Thank you! I enjoy writng bits and pieces of my universe. It's so much fun. :D
      Hahahaha, yeah, humans are the worst XD

  2. That was very interesting. Poor girls, they are like timebombs.
    Those 3 gems reminded me of Nodes in an old game "Master of Magic".
    I think you should try to create a map of your world, either digital or hand drawn and scanned.

    1. I'm glad you liked it :3
      I have actually been working on a quick world map drawing digitally. I will post it soon :)

  3. Doing some serious catching up on the blogs and this post was soothing to read, I like the story. Really exciting with the "self destroy" mechanism. And I agree with Nana, try to create a map, I do love those maps. :)

    1. Thanks a lot! I really love talking about lore and details about the universe, especially because it's expanded so much lately :)
      I have a map, I will post soon-ish. It's been made quickly and not professionally in any way, but it will give you an idea :D

  4. Wow, the story sounds great!! I'm so happy you shared it with us, honestly! It appears to have a lot of drama but also a very interesting setting. I really liked this part of the story, and hope you will share more!

  5. Oh this Sound so interesting and good!! Love it...
    I have quastions... lol
    If the humans Kind of harvest the gems, doesn't this weaken the gems powers? Or do they build up again?
    And how do the girls feel, knowing there is this destroing source in themself...
    You see I am all in xD I would love to read more!!