Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Plans and thoughts

I have been jumping back and forth between SD and MSD, and have gotten really confused in the process.

I know I want the Larika characters, so I think I'm gonna go for those as SDs. I was lucky enough to be able to buy an Ordoll Sui head from my friend, Maria, at a long layaway.
I want her to be Scarlet Hale from the Larika story.

I have had her as a Dollmore Lisa Rubik

Fairyland Feeple65 Angela

And lastly Dollshe Amanda

My own personal favorite was Angela.

As for MSDs. Stuff happened with a failed sales, so I had to cancel a layaway. It sucks, but it is what it is.
I might still buy a single slim mini, at some point, so I can buy cute pastel wigs and oscar doll eyes, but it can't be any time soon.

For a long while to come, I have to save up for the next Danish BJD con!
I look very much forward to it :3


  1. Angela is my favorite out of those 3 too!!! I hope you save lots and lots of monies and then show us a bunch of doll photos from the con and stuff you get :D

    1. Angela was pretty great yeah, but I think Ordoll Sui will fit better with my overall style of the dolls I want :) A shame tho, because I really like Angela xD
      Thank you sweetie! I think I'm gonna bring my camera, since I can't bring dolls :3 <3

  2. And my favourite is Dollmore. :)
    I've always liked SD but looking at lovely slim MSD bodies from Dream Valley, I want to make an exception.
    Well, yeah, if only I won a lottery or something... ;)

    1. I remember liking the height of the Dollmore version so much. I hope I can buy a 68cm Popodoll girl body for the Sui version :D
      Dream Valley has so interesting dolls. I loved Loxy and Foxy so much ;w;
      Which dolls do you own currently?
      Oh man, winning the lottery would be great yeah! :D