Friday, December 21, 2018

Year Balance 2018 and Merry Christmas

Didn't 2018 just pass by too quickly? I could have sworn we were in January just a month or two ago, but it's this time of year again.
2018 was an alright year. Some good things happened, some bad things happend, but here's to hoping 2019 will be better.

My balance is as follows:

Attend DollConDK:
I did attend DollConDK, and I had a wonderful time. Most of the weekend was spent in the company of Maria, Noam and Maria. We got to see a lot of pretty dolls, enjoy the contests and have fun together! 

Buy alpaca/angora/mohair wigs for my dolls:
I bought a mohair wig from Natrume and I traded to an alpaca wig from Sugarycuppycake. I sold the alpaca wig, but I still have the mohair one. 

Buy urethane eyes for my dolls:
I traded a pair of SOULinaBOX eyes for a pair of ED eyes (which I sold), and I have bought a couple of times from Sprouty.  

Commission clothes for JIDs:
I commissioned Musume for my JID Violet, but both the clothes and the doll has been sold, except a a few pieces I have yet to sell. However, the clothes were very nice and wonderful quality.

Pay off Iplehouse JID Violet:
I paid her off, and later sold her again .

Buy a Youpla Olive:
I didn't buy Olive. I went back to the SD universe, so I don't think I will buy Olive ever. I might buy an Ophelie someday in the distant future tho. 
Buy a Youpla Ziya:
I did indeed buy Ziya, and she's probably my most favorite MSD I have ever owned. She posed like a queen and she was gorgeous, however I sold her, and now she lives at Lonni's place

Consider a Harucasting Maji:
I did consider her and I was very tempted, but in the end, I'm glad I didn't buy her. Maria/tjassi has a Maji, so I still get to enjoy her beauty <3

Practice more wig-making:
I failed this one badly. I almost didn't try this year. 

See more of my BJD friends during the year:
This one was a huge succes! I got to see my friends several times and I loved every minute of it.

Get back into taking photos (Maybe do A Doll A Month?):
I tried, but failed. Maybe I will try again at some point.
  Write my prequel to Larika in English and post it online for friends to read:
I didn't, because I decided to write it in Danish and eventually I will post it along the main story to a Danish blog. 
I don't feel I did too bad with my goals. :D


  1. I really admire people who make New Year's resolutions and stick to that list and manage to tick off more than half of the points. I never write such list because I know I will eventually fail.
    You achieved many goals so you can be proud of yourself. May the New Year let you achieve even more. :)

    1. I used to be terrible at these as well, but somehow over the years, I gotten better to stick to some of them XD
      Thank you, sweetie! <3

  2. I think you did great and here's hoping you'll have a better 2019.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you!! Hopefully a less stressful year as well XD I wish the same for you <3
      Merry Christmas to you too! :D