Saturday, March 23, 2019

Hunter introduces himself (Peakswoods Goon)

Chibi Hunter: So, I'm supposed to introduce myself, as per orders from Daggry_Saga. 
Hello! My name is Hunter Hale, and a 33 year old man from the Rebellion. My hobbies include reading, writing, my work and my family. I was born the 29th of July in 1512, and I...
Daggry_Saga: Stop! You need to be a lot more entertaining than this. 
Chibi Hunter: Isn't it up to me, how I introduce myself? You gave this task to me after all!  
Daggry_Saga: But sweetie, you're boring people to death.

Chibi Hunter: You know you're actually a douchebag.
Daggry_Saga: I thought that was part of the job description of being a writer. XD 
Chibi Hunter: Definitely. You've done things I can never forgive.
Daggry_Saga: Perhaps, but don't forget the introduction! Tell us, what means the most to you.

Chibi Hunter: The people I love, for sure.
Daggry_Saga: That's nice.
Chibi Hunter: When are you gonna bring home Tahir and Scarlet? Or Annabelle? Or Donna?
Daggry_Saga: Erm... Soon-ish?
Chibi Hunter: You're the worst, you know that?
Daggry_Saga: Excuse me? BJDs are expensive, you know xD

Chibi Hunter: What a lousy excuse.
Daggry_Saga: Fair enough, but let's wrap this introduction up. What would you like to say to the readers of this blog?
Chibi Hunter: Go buy yourself a new doll, you deserve it!
Daggry_Saga: *sigh* That's enabling, and you shouldn't do that.
Chibi Hunter: Just make sure, it's an YoSD you buy!
Daggry_Saga: Well, that's all for now. Take care, people! <3



  1. The little devil is a total enabler oh god hahaha!
    He's very cute, congrats!!
    "You've done things I can never forgive" XD oh noes

    1. Ikr? :P I suddenly have an urge to buy a YoSD as well! xD
      Thanks! I'm so glad I bought him <3

  2. Haha, this had me giggling! 😂 He has an attitude, but that is okay because he is so cute. 💕 Congrats!

    1. He sure does give me the attitude at least. Maybe it's the curse of being the writer xD
      Thanks! <3

  3. I can't wait to see him with faceup. :) 33, really? Then he must have drunk some youth elixir. ;) In that cap he reminds me of some streetwise Victorian brat.

    1. He's a chibi version of my actual character "Hunter Hale" who is indeed 33 years old :P
      I see the resemblance yeah xD