My BJDs Chibi version

Sculpt: Volks Elena
Body: YoSD Elena body
Year: 2014
Wig: Unknown
Eyes: Temporary Sprouty Eyes
Face-up: Volks
Skin color: Normal skin 
Modifications: None

Personal Details
Name: Gerda Lund (Chibi version)
Age: 15
Gender: Cis girl
Personality: Gerda is a cheerful and energic girl, who loves flying on her griffin or sleeping. She hasn't matured at the pace you would expect, so she's very innocent and has no interest in love.
Backstory: Gerda was sold into the military as a young child, in order for her family to survive and open their weapon store. It was always the plan that the parents wanted to pay back the money and get both Gerda and her older sister home, but they struggled gathered such a big amount. 
After her older sister, Martha, disappeared on a mission her parents took out a loan and got Gerda back, so they wouldn't lose both daughters.

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