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Information about me:

  • I used to live in a smoking household several months ago, but have since moved to a smoke-free home. However, I use a vapor inside. 
  • I have a small dog. I will try my best to remove fur from the items, but I can't promise, you will receive a totally fur-free item, in some cases. You can, however, choose to view it as a surprise free gift ;) 
  • I will do my best to ship as fast as I can, but I live a distance from a post office, and I rely on public transportation. Most of the time I have a chance to ship on Tuesdays. My normal timeframe is 1-2 weeks, and I will keep in touch if I should be delayed. 
  • I'm open to requests for more photos of details and such if the buyer has an actual serious interest. 
  • Unless otherwise stated, the prices is plus shipping. 
  • I'm open to negotiating layaways on certain terms. Ask me.
  • I live in Denmark, EU, and I use PostNord for shipping. 
  • I'm NOT currently open for trade offers.
  • I accept Paypal (no fees) or MobilePay if you're located in Denmark. 
  • If interested please send me an email on aka.senpai(at)

Dolls for sale: 

Volks YoSD Nana on a Volks YoSD Midi boy boy
Included in sale: Head, body CoA. 
Head was bought from Sakura_LH
Body was bought from +qu'hier
The head is from 2008 and has a face-up by Rakeru Sensei, the body is from 2015. In my opinion, considering the age difference, I think it's a decent resin match. 
I haven't discovered any damages on him. 
Price: $400

Heads for sale: 

April Story Senior Raven head
Included in the sale: Head
I traded me to this head from Ravica, who also did his face-up. 
He is from 2016, and I'm not completely sure about yelllowing. 
Price: $60

Wigs for sale:  

Leekeworld 9-10" wig
Light brown bob style wig for SD. 
Price: $8

Eclipse21 8-9" wig
Light blonde angora wig for SD. 
Price: $30

Monique 8-9" wig
Dark brown updo for SD 
Price: $6

Unknown 8-9" wig
Light brown unknown brand short wig
Price: $6

Unknown 8-9" wig
Dark blonde short wig for SD 
Price: $3

Unknown 8-9" wig
Red-brownish short wig for SD
Price: $6

SophyMolly 8-9" wig
Black-red wig with an undercut. Made for LLT Lazuli.
Price: $30

ForMyDoll 7-8" wig
Dark red wig with curls in the neck for MSD 
Price: $22

Shoes for sale: 

SD16 heel shoes
Pink heels with a dark stain for SD
Price: $15

SD16 heel boots 
White heel boots for SD
Price: $22

Clothes for sale: 

Luts dress for Senior Delf Girl or similar 
Also, fits SD16-alike girls. 
Price:  $22

Angell Studio SD girl outfits
Fits SD16-alike girls 
Price: $30

Homemade SD13 boy dress
Fits 62cm boys best
Price: $22

Lilac Sadol boy shirt
Fits SD17 boys
Price: $13

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