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Information about me:

  • I used to live in a smoking household several months ago, but have since moved to a smoke-free home. However, I use a vapor inside. 
  • I have a small dog. I will try my best to remove fur from the items, but I can't promise, you will receive a totally fur-free item, in some cases. You can, however, choose to view it as a surprise free gift ;) 
  • I will do my best to ship as fast as I can, but I live a distance from a post office, and I rely on public transportation. Most of the time I have a chance to ship on Tuesdays. My normal timeframe is 1-2 weeks, and I will keep in touch if I should be delayed. 
  • I'm open to requests for more photos of details and such if the buyer has an actual serious interest. 
  • Unless otherwise stated, the prices are plus shipping. 
  • I'm open to negotiating layaways on certain terms. Ask me.
  • I live in Denmark, EU, and I use PostNord for shipping. 
  • I'm currently open for trade offers for MSDs and accessories for them. 
  • I accept Paypal (no fees) or MobilePay if you're located in Denmark. 
  • If interested please send me an email on aka.senpai(at)

Dolls for sale: 

Withdoll Elf Emma 
x x x x  
She is in Rosy Brown skin, has the small bust, comes blank and will come without the default outfit seeing as I already sold it.
She has some small dents in the opening of her head because I was clumsy. Otherwise, she seems to have no damages. 
One of her magnets had fallen out by the time I received her. It is fixed to the still-glued-in magnet, so it should be an easy fix.
According to the previous owner, she might be a little yellowed, which I think might be true given the fact she's from 2014. 
Sadly, I didn't get her box, but I will make sure to pack her securely, and the CoA will be included.
Price: $280

April Story Senior Spring girl NS SOLD
The head and body aren't from the same release, but I don't think the match is terrible. 
The head has a face-up by kanojo kakumei. I have CoA for both body and head, which will be included. 
I will ship unassembled. 
Price: $250

Heads for sale: 

Souldoll Zenith Fannie limited head sandy brown skin
Just received the head, it's brand new and has never had a face-up, don't have any damages and no yellowing. 
Price: $150

Minifee event head Flam Human NS
x x
Has a face-up by YoukoSilvara 
I don't know which year it's from nor how much it can have yellowed. 
Price: $80

Minifee event head Spring 2017 NS
x x
I received it in a trade, I believe it has had a face-up before but doesn't have any damages. 
Comes without CoA, eyes, wigs or similar.
Price: $75

Volks modded DWC02 head NS
I've decided to sell this head separately. It's from either 2013 or 2015 and the previous owner got it from Mandarake. It comes with no CoA but I have a printed screenshot from the Mandarake order, which will be included. 
I will include the eyes in the photo.
It has a face-up by kanojo kakumei, which is all new and in perfect condition. 
I live in a smoking and pet-friendly home and I can ship within 1-2 weeks.
Price: $65

Wigs for sale:  

 Ginger red Monique 8-9"
Price: $20

Leekeworld two toned 8-9" wig
Price: $20

Peaks Woods blonde 8-9" wig
Price: $12

Ginger red 8-9" ForMyDoll wig
Price: $18

Brown Monique 8-9" wig
Price: $18

ForMyDoll red 8-9" wig
Price: $15

Migidoll brown short wig 8-9"
Price: $18

ForMyDoll red 7-8" wig
Price: $20

Shoes for sale: 

Souldoll Zenith female boots
Price: $50

Purple YoSD boots
Price: $8

White SD16 heel Boots
Price: $30 ON HOLD

Red SD10/SD13 girl converse
Price: $5

Checked SD10 converse shoes
Price: $5

Volks white YoSD Boots
Price: $20

Clothes for sale: 

Iplehouse red EID shirt
Has a small damage in the chest area.
Price: $14

Nine9Style white SD13 leggings
Price: $8

Green SD17 cargo pants
Price: $15

Shimmering SD knitted shirt
Price: $13

White crop top for SD with small bust
Price: $4

Multicolor SD13 pants for boy
Price: $13

Dark jeans for SD13 boy
Price: $13

White Nine9Style shirt SD17
Price: $16

Brown-purple Sadol pants SD17
Price: $16

Endless black SD10 girl shirt
Price: $8

Light brown SD16-ish pants
Price: $10

Striped SD socks
Price: $2

White SD socks
Price: $2

Black Nine9Style leggings for SD13 girls
Price: $10

Black SD16-ish skirt
Price: $8

SD13 girl leggins grey
Price: $8

Blue SD girl shirt
Price: $8

Rrabit tshirt SD
Price: $5

White underskirt SD girl
Price: $4

Blue Helleborus dress SD16 but fits Iplehouse girls as well
Price: $12 ON HOLD

Pink Tata dress
Price: $7

Volks YoSD hat
Price: $5

Milky white YoSD dress
Price: $8

White Volks YoSD skirt
Price: $3

Volks white shorts with suspenders
Price: $14

Brown Volks YoSD shorts
Price: $6

Grey YoSD Volks jacket
Price: $12

Volks YoSD top
Price: $4

YoSD overalls
Price: $8

Yellow YoSD dress
Price: $8


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